Active Transportation Plan Committee


"Active Allegheny integrates walking, biking, and other active, healthy travel modes into the existing transportation system. Planning and prioritizing investment in commuter bike routes and walking facilities will enhance our existing transportation network, and provide sustainable travel mode choices to move people to their destinations. This plan will be a blueprint for improved access to connect our communities, work sites, schools, attractions, and homes. Active infrastructure will encourage investment and economic development." -Dan Onorato, Allegheny County Executive

What is Active Transportation?

Active Transportation is human-powered transportation including bicycling, walking, kayaking, and in-line skating. In the past decade, studies have detailed the potential benefits of active transportation for both users and society. Active Transportation in Urban Areas: Exploring Health Benefits and Risk released in June 2010 indicates that "people who use active transportation are, on average, more physically fit, less obese and have reduced risk of cardiovascular disease compared to people who use only motorized transportation." Benefits to society include reduced air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Active Transportation Committee Members

On February 15, 2023 the Board of Supervisors appointed the following members to the Active Transportation Committee:

Mr. Rowen Poole, Resident
Mr. Charlie Brethaur, Resident
Mr. Calvin Miller, Resident
Mr. Tim Gaichas, Resident (Planning Commission)
Ms. Diane Pontoriero, Resident (Planning Commission)
Supervisor Ray Kendrick
Supervisor Donna Snyder
Employees on the Committee:
Natalie Thiess, Assistant Township Manager
Melissa Williams, Parks and Recreation Coordinator

Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2023 Meeting Minutes(PDF)
September 25, 2023 Meeting Minutes (PDF)

Active Allegheny Survey Results (PDF)