Richland Township residents fall under the Allegheny County Health Department’s Open Burning Regulations.

Wood burning is legal in Allegheny County, however, all open burning MUST be done in compliance with the ACHD regulations.

For a brief summary of the ACHD regulations, please review the

Open Burning Regulation Fact Sheet (brief)

Allegheny County – Open Burning Details

For info regarding the pollutants found in wood smoke, please review the

About Outdoor Fires Information.

ACHD Complaint Line:  412-687-2243

The ACHD operates a 24-hour complaint line.  Complaints will be investigated by ACHD staff and violations can be issued when necessary.  Violators of ACHD’s Open Burning regulation can be fined for noncompliance.  Fines can begin around $250 and can increase with repeated non-compliance.

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