Effective May 1, 2020


Application Submittal

All Building , Zoning and Land Development permit applications and fees will only be received electronically through the Richland Township website, www.richland.pa.us.   The Municipal Office is closed until further notice, with no public access to the building.

Building and Zoning Permit approvals with hard copy placards and plan review notes will be mailed to the applicant at the address provided on the permit application. Appropriate fees due, at that time, are to be made through the Richland Township website, www.richland.pa.us.


Building Inspections

Building inspection requests must be submitted by phone 24/48 hours before the inspection is needed to the Building Inspector, John Nath (PCS) at 724-449-2661. Once an inspection is scheduled, workers are permitted on-site during the inspection with compliance of social distancing and face masks.


Residential Drainage and Property Issues

 We are working and ready to assist Residents at the same level of service as always.  That includes site visits and site investigations.  For the safety of all parties, we would ask that face to face meetings be kept to an extreme minimum.  Phone conversations and E-mail discussions / pictures are the preferred method of communication.  Please call 724-443-5921 to make an appointment.


Guidance for Businesses in Construction Industry

Beginning May 1, 2020, all businesses in the construction industry in the Commonwealth, including those in new construction, renovation, and repair, as well as land development and design-related field activities, are subject to the Guidance for Businesses in the Construction Industry Permitted to Operate During the COVID19 Disaster Emergency.  Questions can be directed to Richland Township at 724-443-5921.