Vogel HHW & Ewaste Pickup

Vogel HHW & Ewaste Pickup

09-19-2022 All day

At no additional charge, there will be four dates a year when you can schedule a pick-up of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and E-Waste from your home.


HHW and E-WASTE collection dates for 2022 are:

March 7  (Register by Feb 21)

June 13  (Register by May 27)

September 19 (Register by Sept. 2)

December 5 (Register by Nov. 21)

Click here for instructions from Vogel on how to participate.


Residents must contact Vogel customer service dept.  at 724-625-1511 AT LEAST 10 DAYS PRIOR TO THE PICKUP DATE to participate. A containment package with instructions will be sent to your home prior to your scheduled pick up date.


Please note that due to the regulations Vogel is required to follow, detailed information will be needed at the time of scheduling. Some of the information required for scheduling is listed below. Additional Vogel information related to pickup scheduling may be found at https://www.vogeldisposal.com/schedule-pickup.


ELECTRONIC WASTE: E-waste items including but not limited to: TV’s and computers including desktop, laptop, tablet, E-readers and peripherals including monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer etc. Any device capable of receiving and displaying television or video programming. No more than three (3) TVs/monitors will be collected from any residence in a calendar year.


Details required when registering E-Waste items for pickup:

* Brand name
* Screen size (ex. TV, computer monitor, etc.)
* Screen style (ex. flat screen)
* Approximate weight


HHW (Household Hazardous Waste): HHW is leftover household products that contain corrosive, toxic, ignitable, or reactive ingredients that require careful disposal.


Details required when registering HHW items for pickup may include (but not limited to):

* Brand name
* Container size
* Quantity of products and amounts remaining in containers


Each package may not exceed 50 lbs. of acceptable HHW materials. You may place larger items such as long fluorescent lamps, auto batteries and electronics beside the containment bag.


Completed containment packages and Ewaste must be collected from the resident’s property 10 to 15 feet from the curb along a driveway or street facing area and may not be collected from the curb or public property. Items must be placed outside the residence NO MORE than 24 hours prior to your scheduled collection date.


Please contact Vogel Disposal at 724-625-1511 or at VogelDisposal.com for more information, and for a full list of accepted materials.

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