Township Manager’s Message Regarding Real Estate Tax, Fire Hydrant Assessment and Other Fee Increases in the 2022 Final Budget


The Final Budget for 2022 was advertised and adopted following a public hearing on December 15, 2021.  The Final Budget contains the first Real Estate Tax millage increase in 25 years, since 1996.  It also contains an increase in the assessment charge for the maintenance of fire hydrants and other fees.


The main reason taxes increased in 2022 is because costs for police, roads and other services are increasing above the rate of growth in real estate tax revenues.  Due to a stagnant tax base, Real Estate Revenues were projected to increase by only $15,000 in 2022. Contributions of the Northern Regional Police Department alone will increase by $258,000.  Adding to the financial pressure are an inflation rate over five percent and material and equipment cost increases driven by shortages and supply chain disruptions.  The Real Estate Tax millage increase of .49 mills is intended to generate an additional $530,000 dollars which will avoid cuts to public safety and highway services.


In addition, the assessment on properties within a fire hydrant district increased from 0.0075 mills to 0.01606 mills as a result of an increase in the charge imposed by the Richland Municipal Authority for the maintenance of fire hydrants (from $210 to $300).  Richland Township collects the assessment and remits it directly to the Authority.


For every $100,000 dollars of assessed value the proposed increase (with the fire hydrant assessment) will add $52.70 to the face amount of the township tax bill.  The Final Budget also reinstated the Mechanical Device Tax for 2022 and increased rental fees for facilities in Richland Park by 3.5%.  The fee increase is the first since 2019.


Details of the Final Budget can be viewed by clicking the Govt & Admin tab on the township website and following the link titled: Budgets and Financial Reports.  (Or, click here to view the 2022 Final Budget.)


Richland Township is committed to providing quality public services within the financial means of the community.  The tax increases contained within the 2022 Budget are necessary in order to meet service needs and maintain a strong financial position.  The Township Supervisors and staff will do everything within its power to operate the government as efficiently and economically as possible.


Dean E. Bastianini

Township Manager