Voting in Pennsylvania


As a society, it is important for everyone to stay informed of updated information that affects the voting process in Pennsylvania.

For a complete guide that will help connect you with Pennsylvania’s voting and election services, please visit .


One of the new laws enacted this year allows for any registered voter to cast their vote by Mail-in or Absentee Ballot.  For a link to apply for either an Absentee or Mail-in Ballot, please visit


Please note, if you plan to vote using an absentee or mail-in ballot in the 2020 GENERAL PRIMARY held on 04/28/2020, your completed application must be received in the county office by 5:00 PM on 04/21/2020. The deadline to return your voter absentee or mail-in ballot is 8:00 PM on 04/28/2020.


For additional information regarding the Mail-in voting process, you may also visit