Raccoon Rabies Vaccination Baiting 2019

August 5th – 21st 

Over the past 18 years, there has been a significant reduction in human and pet exposures to rabies throughout Allegheny County.  This is largely due to the efforts of the rabies vaccination program for wild raccoons.  This program is spearheaded by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services (USDA), who the Allegheny County Health Dept. (ACHD) partners with for this massive effort.  This year, employees and volunteers of ACHD and the UDSA will be distributing vaccine-containing baits from August 5th through August 21st in every municipality of the County.


Below are images of the two types of bait:  One is a plastic sachet (looks like a ketchup packet) coated in fish meal.  The other is a plastic sachet enclosed in a fish meal block.  The fish scent attracts the raccoons who consume the bait and vaccine, resulting in the development of antibodies to the rabies virus.




The risk of adverse effects to humans and animals due to exposure to the vaccine in minimal, but the public is urged to avoid contact with the bait if possible.  If a stray bait must be moved, it should be picked up using rubber or latex gloves or a shovel.  KEEP PETS ON A LEASH, INDOORS, OR CONFINED TO THEIR PROPERTY AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE DURING BAITING AND THE WEEK AFTER.


The ACHD has made the following items available to help inform the public of the program details:

Public Notice Regarding the Oral Rabies Vaccination Program

Rabies Information Pamphlet

Park Information Flyer

Rabies and Oral Rabies Vaccine Fact Sheet


For additional information regarding the Oral Rabies Baiting Program, you may visit http://www.achd.net/raccoon, or contact one of the following phone numbers:

USDA Wildlife Services:  1-866-487-3297

Pennsylvania Dept. of Health Information Line:  1-877-PA Health

Allegheny County Department of Health:  1-412-350-4046