WEATHER PERMITTING, Shields Asphalt Paving, Inc. has submitted the following tentative schedule of work for the week of May 16th, 2022:


Thursday, 5/19/22:  Milling– Meadow Lane


This project will be a significant upgrade to the existing roads.  Besides milling the full width of the road to a depth of approximately 3 1/2″, the contractor will test the strength of the road base and make any necessary repairs up to a depth of 12″.  Deteriorated storm drain inlets will be replaced or repaired.  Once the base work is complete, two layers of new asphalt will be installed.  After work is completed, Township road crew will back-fill against the curbs and restore the adjacent berm/lawn areas as soon as possible.

Due to their proximity to the edge of the pavement, some mailboxes will have to be moved.  During construction, the contractor will attempt to temporarily install the mailboxes.  Once construction is completed, the contractor will install the mailboxes in their permanent locations.  During construction, it is possible that mail and waste collection services may be disrupted.  Your patience in this regard is greatly appreciated.

During construction, please comply with the following:

  • NO ON-STREET PARKING DURING CONSTRUCTION.  It is critical that the paving machinery be able to move freely on the roadways.  If a vehicle is in the way, it will be towed.
  • Be sure to follow the flagmen’s instructions and work zone signage.
  • During the time between the milling and paving, motorists should take appropriate precautions to drive SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY to prevent damage to vehicles and surrounding property.
  • Please avoid driving on freshly paved surfaces.  Once marred, the quality of the paving job cannot be restored to its original standard.
  • The Township Engineer, Shoup Engineering, will be on-site during most project hours.  Any questions should be communicated with Shoup Engineering, not the paving crew workers.

As with any construction project, some inconveniences should be expected.  Although some traffic stoppage will be required, the contractor will try to keep it to a minimum.

Thank you for your patience!