The NRPD in partnership with Bradford Woods Volunteer Fire Company, Marshall Township Volunteer Fire Department, Richland Township VFD, Wexford Volunteer Fire Company, McCandless Franklin Park EMS and Richland EMS would like to do our part to brighten your day. Starting this Friday evening all of our agencies would like to begin Emergency Responder Parades in your neighborhoods during the weekends. If this would be of interest to your neighborhood, please have your Home Owners Association(HOA) contact Captain Bryan DeWick at [email protected] to make arrangements.  If you do not have an HOA, a representative from your neighborhood can make arrangements for a parade.  Also, if you do not live in a neighborhood we will do our best to make your house part of a route!

(Please note:  social-distancing will be maintained, as we will be encouraging the residents to watch from their porches, windows or driveways to prevent mass gathering.)