Richland Township’s previous Solid Waste and Recycling Contract expired on 12/31/18.   Municipal Solid Waste Franchise contracts are awarded by competitive bid.  Vogel Disposal was the lowest of the two (2) bids received.  The Township awarded the contract to Vogel Disposal to serve as our waste management provider for the next five (5) years.  See the flyer below for collection changes:


2019 Richland Township/Vogel Disposal waste management guidelines


When going out to bid, Richland Township learned that the future of recycling is changing.   The main factors leading to these changes include:

1) Lack of market for many previously recycled materials,

2) High cost of sorting the excessive non-recyclable materials being improperly disposed of, and

3) Contamination resulting from single stream recycling.  Many recyclable end-buyers will not accept product unless it is 99.5% pure – which is almost unattainable. The result of these changes has led to the fact that the solid-waste management companies are now needing to pay for the disposal of many of the items that they used to be able to sell.

Richland Township discovered that current market conditions would force all of the waste companies bidding on the contract to increase their fees for collecting recyclable materials from Township residents.  In order to reduce costs,  some items have been eliminated from recycling, and the collection of recyclables has changed from every week  to every other week.  The discontinuation of recycling glass as part of the bids was similar with all of the providers.  The new contract does allow for changes in acceptable items should the markets improve.

See the following informative articles/videos that further highlight current struggles of the recycling industry: