Tree Trimming During September

Richland Township (and American Tree Service) will be conducting routine trimming of trees and brush

during the month of September. 

The Richland Twp. Public Works Department routinely trims trees and brush along Township roads, as necessary, in an effort to maintain (1) proper visibility, (2) appropriate vehicle clearance, and (3) access for winter road maintenance.  The work is expected to be conducted throughout the month of September.  American Tree Service will be a sub-contractor on the project, as well.

When the township is required to trim an area of concern, the following general guidelines may be maintained, as necessary:

  • Shrubbery/brush trimmed to 2-3 feet behind the curb
  • Vertical clearance of 16 feet above the township roadways

Therefore, we suggest that residents please be sure to have your vegetation maintained, to avoid the possibility of it being done at the township’s discretion.

Thank you for your cooperation!



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