Improving Richland’s Waterways and Environment in 2020


MANDATE – As part of the Federal Clean Water Act and the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) Program, all municipalities are required to implement and maintain a stormwater management program for minimizing the impacts of stormwater runoff.  Richland Township was required to calculate the amount of impact certain pollutants cause to the streams and water ways in the Township.  A reduction in those amounts are then required to be achieved.


One of those pollutants is the siltation of our streams.  The buildup of silt chokes out plant life, makes the water murky (making it hard for organisms to see food sources), clogs up fish gills (reducing healthy fish population) and changes the flow of the stream (causing a potential for more erosion of the streambanks).


WHERE – This year, Richland has awarded a contract in the amount of $72,500 to have a section of the West Branch Deer Creek stabilized.  This project is being paid for from the proceeds of a $187,000 grant from the Commonwealth Financing Authority.  This section is owned by Richland Township and located along Route 910 between the intersections of Lori Road and Allison Road.


HOW – This stream stabilization project reduces the amount of siltation in the stream while improving the stability of the banks, vegetative appearance and overall environmental quality of the area.  The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has issued Richland a permit to have this work done under the regulations of the permit.  Prior to any work in the area, the Township identified existing wetlands and areas of environmental concern to be protected during the construction.  The work included the installation of a high-performance turf reinforcement mat on the streambanks to reduce the erosion and the installation of various species of shrubbery and grass as to further stabilize the banks.


As required by the regulations, Richland will continue to improve the Township’s waterways and streams to enhance the environmental quality of the area.