Vogel Disposal offers some useful winter-weather tips to assist with  trash collection  during these messy cold months:


As winter comes into full force, our drivers face a new set of challenges. From icy streets to frozen-shut containers, winter weather can complicate the service we provide. We ask for your patience and cooperation as our drivers do their best to complete their routes.


You can help us by following these best-practices:

*             Trash Cart: Use trash bags and keep the lid closed. Drivers will not reach into carts to remove items frozen to the bottom.

*             Recycle Cart: Place items directly into the cart (NO PLASTIC BAGS). Keep lid closed. See your recycle chart for instructions on what to include.

*             Do not put garbage cans on the street, as this creates a hazard to vehicles and street cleaners.

*             Do not place your can on top of snow piles. Melting or shifting snow could cause the can to fall over and spill. It also makes it difficult for garbage trucks to set them back down.

*             For safety reasons, our drivers only service roads that have been plowed and treated by the Municipality. If your pickup is missed on a snowy day, please wait until at least 3 pm before calling in. If your pickup has not been completed by late afternoon, please call us at (724) 625-1511. Our customer service department closes at 5 pm, but we would gladly assist you the following day if you are not able to get in touch with us.


We also ask that you be especially careful driving around service trucks. While you may legally pass a stopped service vehicle, you must do so slowly and cautiously.


Stay warm and safe!

Vogel Disposal Service, Inc.