Public Sewer & Water

Water and Sewer are served by two different entities: Water is Richland Township Water Authority and Sewer is Richland Township Sewer. Contact information can be found below or to the right, if using desktop web browser.

Public Sewer

Properties in Richland that do not have on-lot septic systems are served by the Richland Township Sewer Department. 

Explanation of Consumption Charges 

A consumption charge for the cost of operations and treatment is imposed upon all users for the amount of water consumption per quarter. These water readings are received from the Richland Township Water Authority of Allegheny County (RTMAAC) to calculate this portion of the quarterly sewage bill.

Explanation of Capital Improvement Charges (CIC)

Federal and State regulations require local governments to treat all waste water. To have your waste water treated, Richland Township contracts with two treatment facilities, (1) the Allison Park Water Pollution Control Plant in Hampton Township, and (2) the Allegheny Valley Joint Sewer Authority (AVJSA) in Deer Creek. Due to the advanced age of both plants, significant necessary upgrades are required at both facilities. By agreement, Richland's sewer customers are responsible for their share of these costs. To assist in paying for the necessary improvements, Richland Township has adopted Ordinance Number 511 which addresses the Capital Improvement Charges (CIC) on the Richland Township Sewer Account (RTSA) billing.

For the current fees assessed for Consumption Charges, Capital Improvement Charges (CIC), and additional charges, please refer to Ordinance Number 511 (PDF), which amends the Richland Township Code of Ordinances, section 18-301(2).

Explanation of Ready to Serve Charges 

A quarterly base charge, known as the "ready to serve" charge, is imposed upon each residential, commercial and industrial unit within Richland Township. This fee is the base amount due for each premise connected or approved to be connected to the sewer system and a water supply is available. This fee is to defray debt service and administrative expenses incurred in maintaining the system so that it remains ready and able to accept and dispose of sewage from all premises served, and is imposed regardless of whether water is used and even when a home or other structure is vacant, unoccupied and/or when water has been shut off.

For the current fees assessed for Ready To Serve Charges, please refer to the Richland Township Code of Ordinances, section 18.301.(1), as amended by Ordinance Number 489.

Online or Automatic Withdraw Payments


Sanitary Sewer Connection and Service

Public Water

Public water service in Richland Township is handled by the Richland Township Water Authority. All questions related to this service should be addressed to the following entity:

Richland Township Water Authority
2012 Kramer Road
Gibsonia, PA 15044-9632
Phone: 724-443-9100

Richland Township Municipal Authority Website
Contact Richland Water Authority

Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP)

What is LIHWAP?

Pennsylvania has received additional water assistance funding from unspent funds from other LIHWAP grantees.   

    These funds will be available to your low income customers who have an water arrearage, starting Monday, July 10th and the program will close again 5 weeks later, on August 11, 2023.  

    Parameters for LIHWAP funding remain the same as before (per your LIHWAP vendor agreement).  

    Low income-income households, if income eligible, may receive one LIHWAP grant for drinking water and one LIHWAP grant for wastewater (based on having an arrearage).  Each grant is based on the amount of the arrearage (minus current bill) up to a max of $2,500 per water type.  

    If a customer already received a water grant or drinking water grant since January 4, 2022 (in ANY amount), they are not eligible for additional LIHWAP funding for that SAME water type.


Sue Smith received a LIHWAP grant for drinking water for $1,200 in August 2022 but never received a LIHWAP grant for waste water.  On July 10, 2023, she is in arrears for both grants (drinking water $800 and waste water $800, totaling $1600).  If income eligible, Sue would be able to receive $800 for her wastewater arrears, but would NOT be eligible for a drinking water grant because she already received one when LIHWAP was open previously.

Click here for the LIHWAP application for those low-income customers who are in arrears ON JULY 10th.   Applications received prior to July 10th will be rejected.  A google search for the customer’s County Assistance Office based on their county of residence will provide the address where a LIHWAP application can be mailed or dropped off on/after July 10th. 

Please note, the program Heating Assistance/Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) still continues. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps families living on low incomes pay their heating bills in the form of a cash grant. Households in immediate danger of being without heat can also qualify for crisis grants.  The cash grant is a one-time payment sent directly to the utility company/fuel provider to be credited on your bill.