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Richland Township's Board of Supervisor's Meeting

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February 21, 2024 
7:00 PM


1. Call to Order

2. Approval of minutes from the Board of Supervisors meeting of January 17, 2024

3. Public Comments on Agenda Items

4. Monthly Financial Statements

5. Approval of Bills

6. Department Reports

7. Correspondence

8. Planning Commission Meeting - January 8, 2024

a. First Presbyterian Church of Bakerstown - Consideration of preliminary and final subdivision plan for property situate 5825 Heckert Road, Lot & Block No. 2007-S-271, Zoning District "MU" Mixed Use. Plan last revised January 8, 2024. Deemed approval date March 10, 2024

9. New Business

a. Consideration of a temporary use application from Keystone Novelties Distributors, LLC to conduct retail sales at 5600 William Flynn Highway, from June 21, 2024 through July 6, 2024

b. Authorization to hire ALOM Public Partners to provide Municipal Management search services

c. Authorization for Cohen Law Group to represent Richland Township in Cable Franchise negotiations with Comcast of Pennsylvania, LLC

d. Consideration of a Resolution appointing Mr. Slade Miller as an alternate member of the Zoning Hearing Board

e. Authorization for the Chairman to execute Spring Field/Dek Hockey Rink & Concession Stand Lease Agreements with:

• Pine-Richland Youth Center, North Stars Dek Hockey

• Pine-Richland Soccer Club

• Pine-Richland Baseball/Softball Association

• Pine-Richland Youth Lacrosse

f. Consideration of a Resolution authorizing the submittal of a Sewage Facilities Planning Module for Moslen Plan of Subdivision No. 1, a subdivision situate 3613 Patricia Lane

g. Consideration of a request by Traditions of America to reduce the performance security for Phases 1, 2 and 3 of the Pittsburgh Cut Flower PRD and to accept the reduction amounts recommended by the Township Engineer.

h. Authorization to contract with CTR Payroll Services to complete employee payroll and tax filings

10. Manager’s Report

11. Solicitor’s Report

12. Comments from the Board

13. Comments from the Floor

14. Adjournment

Richland Township's Planning Commission Meeting 


February 19, 2024
7:00 PM


1. Call to Order

2. Approval of minutes

3. Old Business

4. New Business

a. Applicant: Kenneth Hardt
Property Description: 5705 Phillips Road
Lot & Block: 1831-P-339
Zoning District: RA - One Acre Residential
Deemed Approval Date: April 28, 2024
The applicant proposes a Minor Subdivision of one lot into two.

b. Discussion on Draft Zoning Amendments
Richland Township's Solicitor and Staff have provided a draft Zoning Amendment for:
1. Chapter 27, Part 3, Section 303, Definitions
2. Chapter 27, Part 5, Section 505.C, Lot Requirements, Rear Dwellings or Dwellings in Accessory Structures, and Corner Lots and Lots with Multiple Frontages
3. Chapter 27, Part 5, Section 27-506.D, Swimming Pools
4. Chapter 27, Part 5, Section 27-506, Accessory Uses; and
5. Part 9, Section 27-901.C, Parking in Residential Districts

These are for discussion purposes only at this time. Any additional revisions or additions will be considered under a separate set of revisions.

c. Route 910 right of way subdivisions - Sketch plan review of three subdivisions to obtain right of way for Route 910 widening - Presentation by Scott Shoup

5. Comments from the Board

6. Comments from the Floor

7. Adjournment