Public Works

The Richland Township Public Works Department consists of seven full time employees supervised by the Public Works Superintendent.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the maintenance and/or construction of:

  • Streets, sidewalks, and bridges
  • Street storm sewer system
  • Township property
  • Township's sanitary sewage system
  • Township-owned parks and recreational facilities
  • Snow and ice control 
  • Other functions and duties as required by the Board of Supervisors

Reporting an Issue

If you see an issue, or have a question regarding any of the above areas, contact the Township at 724-443-5921, and a Service Request will be sent to the Director of Public Works. You can also submit a request online via RequestTracker.

Some roads are not township-owned roads. The following roads are maintained by either PennDOT or the Allegheny County Maintenance Department:

State roads (District 11)
PennDOT Website

  • Route 8 (William Flinn Highway)
  • Route 910 (Gibsonia Road)
  • Bakerstown Road (Red Belt)
  • Hardt Road
  • Valencia Road

Two ways to submit a concern regarding a State roadway:

  1. Call (1-800-FIX-ROAD) OR
  2.  Click to submit a concern on the PennDOT website

County roads: (District Number 1 - Phone: 724-443-7532
Allegheny County Maintenance Department Website

Allegheny County Support Center - to submit road concerns.

  • Meridian Road
  • Station Hill Road