Ice and Snow Removal Policies

The Township’s Public Works Department is responsible for the winter maintenance of approximately 70 miles of Township roads, often a daunting task during periods of thick ice and heavy snowfall.  Please help them out by following our winter road policies:

  • Parking vehicles on any Township Roadways from November 1st – April 15th is prohibited. Parking vehicles on the street makes it very difficult for our large trucks to maneuver, and can result in some areas being unplowed or untreated. Often we have to request assistance from our police department to get vehicles moved just so our plow trucks can travel through to complete their designated routes. This causes delays and can add to hazardous conditions. There is also the possibility of plow trucks sliding on untreated roadways and colliding with vehicles parked on the roads. (Section 15.408-C of The Township Code)
  • Shoveling or otherwise depositing of snow on Township Roads is prohibited. If the road has already been plowed and treated, depending on conditions, it may not be re-treated or plowed again for many hours, and shoveling snow from your sidewalk or driveway on to the roadway can create hazardous road/traffic conditions. (Section 21.510 of The Township Code

Thank you for helping our Public Works Department keeping our roads safe this winter season!

The Township does not plow County or State Roads:

State roads: (1-800-FIX-ROAD)

  • Route 8 (William Flinn Highway)
  • Route 910 (Gibsonia Road)
  • Bakerstown Road (Red Belt)
  • Hardt Road
  • Valencia Road

County roads:  (District #1 – 724-443-7532)
Allegheny County Maintenance Department

  • Meridian Road
  • Station Hill Road